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Thank you for Visiting Legalhelprightnow.org. We are here to get you Legal Help when you need it. We provide Legal help in many different areas of law. Some of our Legal Help issues are Landlord Tenant Laws, Tenant Rights, Landlord Rights, Consumer Laws, Contract Issues, and more. If you are in need of Legal Help just fill out the form and give us a brief description of what type of issue you need help with and we can assist you.


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Big firm attorneys specializing in your topic
We put you in immediate contact with an attorney specializing in your topic. So they’ve seen the problem hundreds or thousands of times, and know immediately all the do’s and don’ts. They don’t have to reinvent the wheel. To you, your problem is a complex mess; to them it’s a familiar situation with known solutions.

Their amazing resources
They have a fantastic collection of letters, contracts, and negotiating tactics developed in all situations, over decades, specific to what state you live in. That’s ideal, since you want a proven approach that’s worked hundreds of times.

Your attorney picks the version that exactly fits your situation
For any general area, they’ll have dozens of document and tactics to choose from. They’re experienced and high rated American Bar Association attorneys. Because they are such good listeners, and so familiar with the options, they can immediately handpick the best approach for you.

Therefore, tiny cost to you
By tapping existing proven documents and tactics, they can provide your solution in a tiny fraction of the cost of inventing a new approach – and give you the best possible outcome.

Might they end up charging you high fees?
Perhaps 95% of the time your problem will be solved for under $25/mo, with no ongoing obligation. They’ll determine the best solution, identify what letters to write for you or contracts to provide, and counsel you all without further fees.

In the rare case where your problem is very large, complex, or unique, they’ll alert you in advance to hourly fees, and provide that help at a 25% discount from their normal rates. But the whole point of this service is to make that rare.

What insures you can thoroughly trust the attorneys?
The firms and attorneys are under contract to provide these services at a $25/mo basic fee. Each law firm is under contract with a large New York Stock Exchange firm to do so, and each firm is paid millions of dollars to become part of this elite network of firms in business over 30 years.

So, you can imagine that the law firms and their attorneys have an immense incentive to provide you these services without switching fees. Any firm who violated that trust would lose a major source of clients, maybe their biggest source.

What Areas of Legal Help can the Attorneys assist me with?
For each situation you ask about, your attorney will be carefully selected as an expert on exactly that. These experienced and caring professionals are people who love to work in this fast-response mode with people from all walks of life who need a solid, fast solution – no matter how small.

Where are the Attorneys located?
With our Legal Help Network we have Attorneys in all areas of the county that are waiting to help you. Legal Help assistance in Las Vegas Nevada, Seattle, Renton Washington, Phoenix, Tucson Arizona, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Stockton, San Francisco, Irvine, San Diego, Pleasanton California, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Richardson Texas, New York, New Jersey, Boston Massachusetts, Florida, Portland Oregon, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Atlanta Georgia, & Nationwide.

Thank you for using Legalhelpnow.org for all you legal issues. We look forward getting you the proper Attorney to assist you.


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