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Homeowners Rights

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It is our mission to help homeowners understand their homeowners rights, property rights and home buyer rights by introducing them to attorneys who specializes in real estate laws and are willing and able to assist homeowners and home buyers in protecting their rights in transactions involving their homes.

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Homeowners Rights, Home Buyer Rights and Property Rights

Buying a home is a colossal expense and it is very important that people understand and protect their homeowners rights, property rights and home buyer rights in every situation or transaction that might affect the stability of owning a house and the expenses associated with purchasing or owning real estate.

There are many laws to apply to real estate and transactions involving real estate including real estate laws, property laws, contract law, consumer laws, credit laws, and so forth. A licensed real estate attorney is able to review all applicable laws in giving advice about real estate transactions in order to protect your homeowners rights, home buyer rights and property rights. They also can help homeowners to make sure that the deeding and titling is correct that you can be secure in your ownership.

Homeowners Rights

Basically homeowners rights refer to your right as homeowner to enjoy your home as you see fit. However, from time to time, laws such as building codes and zoning can infer with homeowners rights as well as complaints from your neighbors that may evoke law enforcement or building inspectors to seemingly harass you at your home seemingly infringing on your homeowners rights. Then of course, there are easements and ordinances on noise as so forth that seem to disregard your homeowners rights.

Many homeowners have problems with trespassers and sometimes their easement to their property is blocked by road construction or partiers from a neighbor's house. On top of these seemly frivolous activities, sometimes homeowners rights are threatened by lack of utilities or due to water rights.

Homeowners rights and responsibilities also come into action when you own a home and you are renting or leasing it. If you leave the home vacant, it is possible that someone can move into it and file for adverse possession which actually threatens your ownership of the property.

Homeowners rights are often violated during attempted foreclosures that don't take into consideration the rights of a homeowner or the laws that guaranty them.

This list of violations could go on and on; however, if you feel that your homeowners rights are being trampled on, it is advisable to consult with a real estate attorney to see what your options are and how you can legally take care of the matter at hand.

Home Buyers Rights

Home buyers rights are better defined than home owners rights. When you are buying a house, there are several disclosures that are required by federal law, especially in financing transactions.

Basically, as a home buyer, your home buyer rights include the right to equal opportunity in buying a house. The seller cannot refuse to sell you a property that you can afford because of your race, national origin, religion, gender, handicap or disability, or because of your marital status and the fact that have or don't have kids.

You should be informed early on in the transaction of what it cost you to get a loan to finance a house including estimated closing and settlement costs and upon closure you should be informed, in writing, how all of the money was distributed as well as the interest rate and terms of the loan. Your home buyers rights also protect you against predatory lending in the court of law if you are subjected illegal terms in financing the purchase of a house.

Property Rights

If you own property and you feel that your property rights are being violated, by all means, consult with a real estate lawyer. As the owner of a property, you have the right to determine how the property will be used. Basically, your property rights include right use the land or property structures, the right to rent it, sell it or to transfer it. You even have the right to destroy your property or to protect the property from being destroyed by others.

From time to time, people feel that their property rights are being violated and they don't know what do about it. In such a case, it is advisable to discuss the situation before you with a real estate attorney. A lawyer can delve into the history of a property to find out if there are any restrictions or covenants that existed before you purchased the property and whether or not they are valid by law.

The Best Time to Consult with an Attorney that Specializes in Real Estate Laws

Most attorneys will discuss your situation and inform you upfront whether you have a good case or not if you feel that your homeowners rights, property rights or home buyers rights have been violated.

If you are in the process of buying a home, it is best to consult with an attorney before you make any commitment to buying the property or financing the transaction. It is also a great idea to have an attorney who is working for you to review real estate contracts and agreements before you sign them. Most real estate lawyers will encourage you to buy title insurance, even if it is not required by the lender in order to secure your interest in the property.

Overall, when it comes to buying a home or owning a home, it is up to you to ensure that your homeowners rights, property rights and home buyer rights are protected. The only way that you can be comfortable in your decisions for protecting these rights is to consult with an attorney that deals with them every day and knows the law like the back of their hand.

Take the step today to ensure that your homeowner rights, property rights and home buyers rights are protected by engaging a lawyer who strives to help homeowners understand their homeowners rights.


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