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Rental Law

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Thank you for Visiting the Rental Laws page. This is a page that will cover Rentals Laws, for Renters. If you have received an Eviction Notice, your having problems with your Landlord in a Commercial Property, Rental Home, or Apartment you need to know your rights. Please take the time to fill out the form below and we will have an Attorney that is experienced in Rental Laws. Thank you again for visiting Legalhelprightnow.org.


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Rental Laws

Rental laws are a combination of state statutes, common law, federal law, contract law, and property law. Housing codes also affect the renting of residential property. Landlord-tenant issues for both residential properties and commercial rentals and leases are governed by these laws. In most states, cases concerning landlord-tenant disputes of less than $5,000 are handled in small claims court; however, some states have a district Landlord-Tenant Court to hear such disputes.

Rental laws, commercial rental laws, tenant laws, eviction laws, and the procedures concerning an eviction notice vary from state to state and from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. When choosing a lawyer to represent you in small claims court, landlord-tenant court, or district court; or to prepare contracts, make sure that they are educated and licensed in regard to the standard or commercial rental laws, tenant laws, or the eviction laws at hand.

Tenant Laws

Rental laws of interest to tenants may include topics such as tenant screening, security deposits, damages versus normal wear and tear, renterís insurance, subleasing, breaking a lease, and rent collection. Tenants may also be concerned with landlord policies such as a no-pets policy, pet deposits and late charges as well as the landlordís right to access to the property. If they fall behind on the rent or lease payments, knowledge concerning eviction laws and the rights of tenants may become a point of interest that requires legal help.

Rental Laws of Interest to Landlords

Landlords need to be informed of applicable laws concerning contracts, eviction laws, the rights of tenants and the rights of property owners, in addition to the standard laws about rentals. If the property rented or leased is a commercial property, commercial rental laws come into play.

Without a doubt, the landlord has more to lose than the tenant, because of the value of the property and the chance that the tenant may devalue the property by damaging it or making it inhabitable. Late payments can cause cash flow problems for the landlord and they may be concerned about subletting, especially if they screen their tenants.

They need to informed of their legal rights concerning security deposits, pet deposits, tenant screening, subletting, requiring renterís insurance, rent collection, collection of late fees, access to property, and so forth. They also need to be aware of their responsibilities as a landlord. If the need to evict the tenants arises, they must be knowledgeable of eviction laws, eviction notice and so forth.

Consulting with an attorney that specializes in rental laws from the beginning is a good idea. Contracts prepared by such attorneys can provide enormous protection for the landlord as well as making sure that the contract complies with the law and is enforceable.

Eviction Laws

Eviction laws are a part of the laws that are designed to protect the landlordís interests and their right to reclaim the property; however, the rights of tenants are emphasized by these laws. If a landlord makes an unlawful eviction, they could be found liable for compensation costs in the court of law. To avoid such costs, it is beneficial to consult with an attorney that specializes in rentals or leases in regard to the procedure spelled out by the eviction laws portion of rental laws.

An eviction notice must be provided to the tenant in writing and in accordance with rules of the state or jurisdiction concerning eviction laws. In most states, a tenant can be lawfully evicted for failure to pay rent, violation of the contract or expiration of the lease. There may also be some terms in the contract for ending the agreement that are applicable.

Commercial Rental Laws

When a landlord violates commercial rental laws, especially in regard to eviction laws, the potential for liability for compensation costs is much greater. If a tenant of commercial lease is unlawfully evicted, the violator may be held responsible for loss of business due to the eviction.

Commercial rental laws, including eviction laws, differ from residential rental laws. It is imperative to have a lawyer who specializes to commercial rental laws to prepare commercial rental agreements and lease agreements. It is also critical to consult with an attorney that specializes in commercial rental laws when it comes to interpreting eviction laws that relate to a commercial rental agreement or lease agreement.

The protection of the landlord and the tenant is more comprehensive when commercial real estates laws, tenant laws and eviction laws are considered in the preparation of the contracts. An attorney that specializes in commercial rental laws can ensure that you get the best protection available by law.

The Necessity of Hiring an Attorney

Hiring an attorney that specializes in rental laws, commercial rental laws or eviction laws is usually necessary when contracting for rentals or leases, serving eviction notices or taking the other party to court to resolve landlord-tenant disputes. Tenant laws can also protect a tenantís interests concerning unlawful evictions. If you are going to court in regard to rentals or leases you definitely to be represented by an attorney.

Sometimes, problems present themselves that donít necessarily require the hiring of a lawyer, but require information about the legal standing under rental laws or commercial rental laws. In such a situation, it is beneficial to get legal advice on the particular incidence or conditions from an attorney who specializes in rental laws. The biggest mistake that both landlords and tenants make is relying on their own knowledge or advice from friends or associates instead of seeking legal help in regard to rental laws. Donít be tempted to make that mistake yourself.

Whether you are a landlord or tenant who is interested in information about rental laws, commercial rental laws, tenant laws, or eviction laws, it is beneficial to you to get legal help. If you are thinking about issuing an eviction notice, or if you received that dreaded notice, you definitely need legal assistance. Get the information about rental laws, commercial rental laws, tenant laws, eviction laws, eviction notices today. Learn your rights and responsibilities which are lined out by rental laws.


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