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Landlord Tenant Rights

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Legal Help with Landlord Tenant Rights. There are a lot Landlord Tenant laws that can protect tenants and landlords. If your having problems with your tenants or landlord.

Find out what legal rights you have as a renter or landlord. You can get legal help with evections, security deposits, normal wear and tear, pet laws, and other legal issues.

We have a basic guide of responsibilities for both renters and landlords. This will give you a brief overview of Landlord Tenant Rights. If either you the Tenant or Landlord breaks any of these guidelines then you need to get legal help from an attorney that specializes in Landlord Tenant Rights. Never take the law into your own hands, always get legal help.


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What are my Tenant Responsibilities?

  1. Pay your rent on time. Never go past the allotted time past the due date. Failure to pay your rent can lead to eviction.
  2. Keep the home or apartment that you’re renting in good shape.
  3. If you’re going to move out give proper notice to your landlord.
  4. Never have more than the amount of people then stated on the lease.
  5. When you decide to move out make sure the apartment or home is in the same condition when you moved in. Take picture of before and after. Make sure that dates are on the picture for date reference. This way you can get your security deposit back. Also make sure you return the key promptly.
  6. Repair any damages that are caused by you or your guests.
  7. Do not bring in any animals otherwise noted on the lease agreement.
  8. Allow your Landlord access to the property (24 hours is good notice).

These are the basic do’s and don’t for you as a tenant. You can use these as a working guideline. If you the tenant have followed these guidelines and are still having a problem with your landlord then seek a Landlord Tenant Rights Attorney. Also there are different Landlord Tenant Rights & Laws in the State that you live in. Fill out the form and find out your Tenant Rights.

What are my Responsibilities as a Landlord?

Landlords have to carry responsibilities as well. These are basic guidelines that a landlord must follow. If you the landlord have complied with all the Landlord Tenant Laws and are still having problems with your tenant then contact a Landlord Tenant Rights Attorney.

  1. Landlord must provide housing that compiles with all housing, health, and building codes.

  2. Give your tenant at least 24 hours before entering the premises.

  3. Make sure all plumbing and heating works correctly (cold & hot running water, bathroom & kitchen fixtures.

  4. If there are problems notify your tenants in writing.

  5. You must respond in a timely fashion to any of your tenant’s maintenance problems.

  6. Give your tenants written receipts for their rent or deposits.

  7. Take care of the property.

  8. Follow all eviction laws if your must evict your tenant.

  9. Give your tenant all your contact information.

  10. Provide your tenant emergency contact information for after hours.

  11. Learn the difference between normal wear and tear for security deposit purposes.

  12. Return security deposit if final walk through has been done and you the landlord has approved the walk through.

Even though these are good guidelines to follow for both a tenant and landlord there are always going to be problems that can occur. Never take matters into your own hands. Contact a lawyer that has expertise in Landlord Tenant Laws. For Legal Help now Please fill out the Landlord Tenant Rights Form and a Lawyer will contact you as soon as possible.

All States carry there own set of Landlord Tenant Laws. This is why you need to find out your rights as a tenant or a landlord. Below is a brief over view of some State Laws pertaining to your Landlord Tenant Rights.

Landlord Tenant Rights in California.

In case of eviction of the tenant the landlord must provide the required time for the tenant to vacate the property. If the tenant does not vacate the property then the landlord has to file an unlawful detainer lawsuit in the superior court. From that point the tenant has 5 days to respond, and 20 days from the tenants response the court will view the case 20 days from that point.

The landlord can use your security deposit if you have failed to pay your rent, damaged the property beyond your normal wear & tear.

For more details about Landlord Tenant Rights in California fill out the Legal Help form.

Landlord Tenant Rights in Texas.

Tenant Rights and security deposits while renting in Texas. The laws are outlined as such. The Landlord can not use your security deposit for normal wear & tear.

The landlord can retain your security deposit if you the tenant owes any portion of unpaid rent.

For more details about Landlord Tenant Rights in Texas fill out the Legal Help form.

Landlord Tenant Rights in Massachusetts.

There more variations of Landlord Tenant Laws in Massachusetts pertaining to renting an apartment or home.

Finder’s fees are paid by you the tenant if a Realtor helps place you in an apartment or home. There are no set fee structures, they are setup by you and the Realtor and is written in a contract format

A Landlord can only charge you the Tenant a security deposit for last months rent and 1 month deposit. Plus a Landlord can charge you to change out the lock and key.

As for Tenant Rights a Landlord can not discriminate against religion, race, sexual preference, age, or any form of discrimination.

If you have any legal issues with a Tenant or Landlord get a Landlord Tenant Rights Lawyer.

Landlord Tenant Rights in Florida.

A Tenant in Florida does not have to sign a lease agreement with the Landlord, but is highly recommended that you do so. Verbal agreements from a rental stand point can lead to many issues or misunderstandings in the future.

You should do a walk though with the landlord before you move in or move out. The Landlord has 15 days after you have vacated the property to return your security deposit, unless the Landlord gives you written notice on why the landlord is keeping the deposit.

If the Landlord decides to keep your security deposit and you disagree with why this is the case then you can take the Landlord to small claims court.

To get legal help with Landlord Tenant Rights in Florida fill out the form and we can help.

For all legal guidelines in your State contract a Landlord Tenant Rights Lawyer by filling out our form.

To find out your Rights as a Tenant or Landlord it is better to get legal assistance pertaining to your Tenant Rights or Landlord Rights. We offer Landlord Tenant Rights in Las Vegas Nevada, Seattle, Renton Washington, Phoenix, Tucson Arizona, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Stockton, San Francisco, Irvine, San Diego, Pleasanton California, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Richardson Texas, New York, New Jersey, Boston Massachusetts, Florida, Portland Oregon, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Atlanta Georgia, & Nationwide.

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